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Greetings and Salutations!  Bienvenidos and Shalom!  Welcome to my Website!  I've moved out of that old rent controlled neighborhood of Yahoo Mail.  I'm proud to say that I now pay a cyber "mortgage" for very own plot of cyber real estate.  I'm telling you, to a Roman, establishing any kind of domain is an empirical dream come true!  I've created this site to be "showbiz" friendly.  That means: get-in, get-out, and WOW 'em in between!  Show business is moving at an even faster pace than 10 years ago.  Casting Directors can't see everyone who's right for a role.  Producers can't hire everyone who is right for the job.  And no one has the time to try!  You see, show business understands that America suffers from an incurable ailment known as A.A.D. - Audience Attention Deficit!  If the public interest isn't stimulated, then the public will focus somewhere else.  To WOW someone in Hollywood, you have to keep their interest without wasting their time!

So please, take a look at the site.  I've posted my current actor's resume.  I've included a reel of my work in Television and Film.  And, if you want to make contact, there's a page for that too.  Thanks for checking out the site, and make yourself at home!

Stay Happy!
Frank Roman

Upcoming Film and Television Projects

Stargate SG-1 - Sci-Fi Channel - Release Date Unknown

"Envy" - Ben Stiller/Barry Levinson - SKG Productions - Release Date (Mid-August)


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