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An actor's reel is as much a calling card as a headshot.  If your picture/resume sparks a filmmaker's interest, then usually a demo reel will be requested.  A good reel will give Agents, Producers, and Casting Directors a confirmation of your hire-ability.  In keeping with the public's A.A.D. syndrome (Audience Attention Deficit), my reel is quick and to the point!

I've been lucky enough to work in this business for 15 years.  I think an actor's reel should show their range.  I hope you agree that this reel does.  Enjoy the show, and thanks for checking it out!

If you don't happen to have RealOne Player to view my reel, you can download the player by clicking on the appropriate Operating System link below:

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Besides my acting talent, not many people are aware of my photography skills.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to visit various locales while on a shoot, and have been able to capture the culture and ambiance of different lands throughout the world.

While on location shooting the feature "ENVY" (directed by Barry Levinson), I ventured out during my downtime to capture some of the essence of the Roman Empire!  I am happy to share these pictures with you.

Click Here to View my Roman Portfolio!

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