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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Well, now that I know there are people who read this stuff, I've decided to give an update.
I'll start with the bad news, I lost my webmaster. He packed his bags and moved out of state.
So, I'm looking to tend to this site myself and be the best possible web master of my own site.
I do need some training but since it's just my site, I think I can make a go of it.

In the meantime, those episodes of Stargate SG-1 that I last blogged about finally aired! What a pump! I can tell you that the responses I've received from some fans have been overwhelming! I've heard from people in the UK and in Canada and all around the USA.
I mean these fans of the show are serious about their dedication to watching Stargate SG-1 and discussing it. The official web site is an amazing site. There is also this one site called and I had a blast e-chatting with Karen and Suzanna. They opened my eyes to what makes a great fan: a committed attitude and a great sense of humor. Not to mention a little wackiness. Thanks, Karen for the great compliments and to all the fans that reached out! I've included the address of an interview I did for these outrageous women. Check it out. It was like answering questions for Rolling Stone. I felt like a real working actor!
I'll be keeping you more informed if you can handle not having pictures. I personally think a picture can add so much to a blog. Thanks again for taking time to read this and I'd like to take a another few minutes to wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2004 bring us personal happiness, communal unity and national security.
Shalom and happiness,
All the best and look forward to hearing from you.

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